junk collector

A Day in the Life of a Junk Collector

Being a junk collector isn't a glamourous job. We don't mind getting dirty because we know what releif it brings to our wonderful clients.
covid-19 response

Junk Raider’s COVID-19 Response

Please review our COVID-19 response and how we are continuing to operate with the health and safety of our team and customers in mind.
Furniture and trash outside of house waiting for Charlotte junk removal company.

Christmas Tree Removal By Junk Raider – Oh Yes!

It’s that time of year for most of us. For others, who really enjoy living in the Christmas holiday year-round, you may wait another week, two, or 52. Regardless, when you’re ready to tear down the tree and get your house back to it’s…
2019 outlook for charlotte junk removal services

2019 Outlook for Charlotte Junk Removal Services

This past year was full of great moments and lots of growth. We were able to help businesses and homeowners with Charlotte junk removal services. Everything from small, one item pick-ups like TVs and couches to full garage cleanouts—we did…
junk removal professionals

When to Call the Junk Removal Professionals

Cleaning out spaces and removing junk is a hard job, and one you probably don’t want to take on yourself. In fact, junk removal professionals are here to help when that do-it-yourself plan doesn’t work out. You’ve Got Better Things to…
2018 junk removal

Junk Raider’s 2018 Junk Removal Year-in-Review

What a year! The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for the team at Junk Raider. We’ve helped commercial and residential customers with their junk removal needs. We are always excited to give the gift of clutter-free space to each customer.…

Curbside Junk Pickup in Charlotte Available from Junk Raider

Junk Raider does more to make your life easier. With our convenient curbside junk pickup services, all you have to do is place your junk there. Then we come and get it. It’s really that easy. Don’t waste time hauling it away yourself or…
construction waste disposal

Construction Waste Disposal from Junk Removal Companies

Whether it’s a renovation or new build, construction waste disposal is always a challenge. Some companies will charge you outrageous fees just for the dumpster then take on even more to remove it. You don’t have to pay these kinds of fees…