Commercial Junk Removal: What to Look for in a Vendor for Large-Scale Projects

When it comes to commercial junk removal, you need a lot of junk removed fast—but that doesn’t mean you should choose a vendor too quickly. Take a breath and think about what’s important in hiring a crew for a large-scale project.

Anybody can rent a truck and haul off your junk. But what kind of risks come with simply calling that number taped to a pole you see in traffic? You may end up with a company that is neither licensed or insured with a questionable workforce.

As a business, you can’t jeopardize your assets so easily. Besides, a reputable commercial junk removal provider can certainly fit your budget and needs. Be sure to follow these tips to find the right vendor for your job.

Read Reviews

Companies big and small can easily be rated online through various channels, including Google, Facebook, Yelp and others. They may also have testimonials on their website. It’s important to take a look at those ratings and reviews. What are other customers saying about their experience?

If you can’t find any reviews or even a Google business account, this could be red flags. If they have no online presence with only a phone number, you might not be dealing with a legitimate business. Just because this is the junk removal business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vet and verify a company.

Check for License and Insurance

Any valid commercial junk removal company must have a business license to operate. These requirements vary by state. Without one, they would be subject to fines. It’s not in your best interest to hire a crew without a license. This could open up all kinds of liability.

This liability will be on you, as well, if the company is not insured. Be sure the junk removal company you hire has insurance to cover any damage if that occurs and is their responsibility. You’ll also want to inquire about their worker’s compensation insurance to protect any workers on the job.

As a business, you know how critical it is to conduct business by the rules. Keep your business and the space you’re clearing out protected.

Vetted Workforce

You should also ask about how they vet their workforce. You need to be able to trust that the workers on-site are dependable and trustworthy.

One way to gauge whether or not a company has a good protocol in place related to workers is if wear uniforms. That may seem like a simple thing, but if a company requires its workers to be in uniform then it considers those people to be a reflection of their brand. Not many companies are willing to make that claim.

Transparent Pricing

When evaluating different vendors, pricing is of course critical. But more important than the price may be how they charge. Junk removal pricing is determined either by the number of truckloads or hourly. Definitely opt for by amount versus an hourly fee. You’ll get a better value and won’t be watching the clock.

Always start with a quote to get an idea of what you’ll pay based on how much stuff you have. Get an accurate quote by sending them pictures or a list of how much stuff you have.

Look out for any hidden fees, too. Some companies charge you twice—once for removing the junk and again to dispose of it. Find inclusive pricing so you aren’t left with a bill outside your budget.

Junk Raider—Everything You Need in a Commercial Junk Removal Company

Junk Raider has handled many commercial junk removal projects, including cleaning out old storefronts and offices. Whether you are moving locations or closing down locations, you’ll find Junk Raider checks all the boxes.

We are licensed, insured, and reviewed. Our employees are the type of workers we’re proud to have wear our logo. And our pricing is simple and charged by the load.

Learn more about our commercial services and how to get your quote today.

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