Exploring An Affordable Junk Removal Franchise, With Junk Raider

At Junk Raider, we believe in transparency, and that starts with providing aspiring franchisees with a clear understanding of the investment required, not just initially but what you can expect ongoing. Our focus key phrase encapsulates the essence of what we offer – an affordable and profitable business opportunity. Let’s delve into the details that make Junk Raider stand out in the realm of home services franchises. Side note, we’ve built a website just for prospective franchisees to get to know us better. Visit junkraiderfranchise.com to learn more about our affordable junk removal franchise opportunity.

Understanding the Franchise Investment

Initial Franchise Fee

The journey begins with the initial franchise fee, a one-time payment that grants you access to the esteemed Junk Raider brand + unlocks the mastermind community that allows you to shortcut the traditional startup business timelines. Our competitive fee ensures that the barrier to entry is minimal, allowing passionate individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journey without sinking the ship before it sets sail. We’ve set up our affordable junk removal franchise model based on territory population tiers, each with a different level of initial financial commitments: $19,500, $39,000, and $55,000 respectively. 


Once launched, the trucks you’ll be using in your day-to-day operation of the business are one of the big ticket expenses, both initially and ongoing. Depending on the franchise owners’ history, you could have $0 down or thousands, on your new business vehicles. This is highly variable based on how many trucks you’re buying, credit history, location, dealership history, etc. For budgeting purposes, however, a safe assumption month over month is typically between $1k-$2k on a vehicle note.


The key to this space, at least on the residential side, is your online marketing presence, specifically Google AdWords. SEO, social media, website, and other digital destinations play a role in obtaining quality leads, yes, but nothing compares to the commitment you need to have in running successful Google AdWord campaigns. You can expect to pay anywhere from 8-15% of your monthly revenue towards this line item, dependent on the season you’re in, local competition, and other varying factors. 


None of us like paying for it, but it’s a necessary checkbox in successfully launching your Junk Raider franchise and will undoubtedly have impacts (positively and negatively) on your business month over month. You’ll scale up and down your workforce, change out trucks, file claims, and so on.. So be mentally prepared for those natural ebbs and flows.  This category is the most variable out of any in terms of forecasting month over month costs in your initial financial evaluation of the Junk Raider franchise offering, given you won’t know your driver history, how many trucks you’ll start out with, how many claims you’ll have, etc. Roughly speaking, assume you’ll pay $400-$900 monthly in insurance on each vehicle.  

Ongoing Royalties

To sustain the ongoing support and resources provided to our franchisees, Junk Raider operates on a reasonable royalty system. This not only fosters a sense of partnership but also aligns our success with yours – the more you thrive, the more we succeed together. What makes us stand out from the rest, is what’s included in this fee: call center and digital marketing ownership. While most home service brands require you to field your own inbound customer calls, Junk Raider does not. We have an in-house call center, specifically trained on the junk removal industry, which is very nuance in nature. Calls come in, we field, put them on YOUR calendar, and you collect the money. Simple. 

On the digital marketing side, we quarterback this entire process for the franchise owner. While you’re responsible for the month over month Google AdWord spend (how much you actually allocate to the ads themselves), we manage the initial setup and ongoing management of those ads.. For you! In this business, existing on the first page of Google is a must, and we have that part figured out 🙂.

Why Junk Raider? Affordability Meets Profitability

Proven Business Model

Junk Raider prides itself in developing not only an affordable junk removal franchise, but we’ve developed a proven business model that maximizes efficiency and revenue streams. As a franchisee, you’ll benefit from a blueprint that has already demonstrated success in various markets, while experiencing unparalleled support from the executive team on down.

Strong Brand Presence

Our established brand presence gives you a head start in the competitive home services industry. The trust and recognition associated with Junk Raider set the stage for customer acquisition and business growth. This is true in both the residential and commercial sectors. Repeat business is a mainstay around here, and we want you to benefit from that too!

Marketing and Advertising Support

Worried about attracting customers? Fret not. Junk Raider provides robust marketing and advertising support, ensuring that your franchise gets the visibility it deserves in your local market. You, as the franchise owner, are responsible for all things in-field and local marketing, which is a massive piece of the overall lead generation puzzle. Junk Raider corporate handles the remote and digital side of things. 

Take the Leap: Your Journey Starts Here

Ready to make a smart investment that aligns with your entrepreneurial dreams? Junk Raider awaits you. Our franchise offers a perfect balance of affordability and profitability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking success in the home services sector.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – take the leap and unlock your entrepreneurial journey with Junk Raider. Contact us today to explore the next steps in franchise ownership.

Invest wisely. Thrive endlessly. Junk Raider – Your Pathway to Success.

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