Who Knew Junk Removal Could Be So Rewarding? (We Did)

Junky, trashy, grimy, gritty and downright nasty – that’s the name of this game.

One of our crew members recently said to a customer after they performed an especially dirty job for them, “It’s all worth it when you’re smiling at the end of the job, thanking us for how much relief we were able to provide you.”

At that point, all of the “dirt and grime” made our job that much sweeter, when we could see how genuinely happy they were.

Later that day, JR headquarters received a phone call from that customer, complementing (once again) our crew and how awesome they were. They conveyed how nice and professional the guys were and the overall joy they took in not only completing the job but going above and beyond.

Truly, it warmed our hearts.

Mind you, we receive these phone calls often. This isn’t to boast about how great we are, but it’s rather another chance that we have to give public praise to our crew members.

Junk Removal is not glamorous or prestigious, for most, but we’re reminded each time we get a call like that, why we do what we do.

And, more importantly, the crew is reminded of how valuable they are to the community around us. We are truly providing a valuable service to the greater Charlotte area and we wouldn’t change what we do even if we could. 

Decluttering and getting rid of junk is something we all need to do from time to time, and for most of us, it’s a daunting task.

Our schedules are full with “to do’s” and quite frankly, there’s a lot more things we’d rather do than worry about our clutter.

This is one of the main reasons why JR was founded and stays committed to helping in these situations. When approaching a project, large or small, customers are often faced with tight timelines and big needs, such as;

  • “I flew in to help settle a family estate and we need to get rid of all these things by tomorrow! Please help!”
  • “My client just closed on a house recently and we the sellers are supposed to turn over the keys tomorrow, but they are refusing to clean up all of the “junk” in the backyard prior to vacating. We need help!”
  • “We’ve put all of these bulky furniture items on the curb, but it’s been two weeks and the city just won’t take them! We can’t stand this mess and just need it gone asap. Our neighbors are giving us awkward stares as we go for our evening walk..please help!”

The list goes on in terms of what types of calls the JR team has received in the past. You name it, we’ve heard it. 

We are dedicated to continuing to be able to provide same day and next day Junk Removal services whenever possible, so we can help relieve the frustration of the folks experiencing the kinds of situations outlined above.

So, whenever you’re ready to tackle the cluttered garage or remove the old furniture to prepare for the new set, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today to schedule your appointment or book online. 

We look forward to seeing you onsite.

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