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    Who We Are

    At Junk Raider, we're not just a junk removal company. Since our establishment in 2018, we've expanded our services to include commercial and residential demolition. With 100+ structures demolished ranging from small sheds to sprawling residential properties, we've built a reputation for high quality work, fair pricing, and world class service. Our exclusive partnership with Gaston County (NC) serves as just one example of our industry-leading services.

    What We Do

    Our demolition services go beyond mere destruction; they lay the foundation for new beginnings.

    Whether you’re looking to remove an old shed or demolish a large property, our team of professionals will ensure your space is cleared and ready for the next chapter. We handle:

    1. Commercial and Residential Demolitions
    2. Structural Assessments
    3. Debris Removal and Hauling
    4. Permit Acquisitions

    Why Choose Junk Raider

    Let's understand why thousands of customers choose us.

    Attention to Detail

    Meticulous planning ensures no surprises on your end or ours.

    World-Class Service

    From start to finished project, experience the Junk Raider way.

    Quality Work

    References available from F500 clients to local residents.

    Licensed & Insured

    We're licensed throughout NC & SC, plus fully insured.

    How We Do It

    At Junk Raider, we've streamlined our junk removal process to ensure a seamless experience for Bank & Credit Union clients.


    The Initial Assessment

    The journey to a cleared site starts with a comprehensive physical assessment. This involves checking the location of the structure and determining what kind of equipment we can bring onsite. We also evaluate surrounding elements such as trees, powerlines, and other utilities highlighting potential risks associated with the project and how to mitigate. 


    The Estimation Process

    We'll provide you with a written estimate that details the project scope, including line item costs for optional services like interior debris removal. The estimate will also mention the start and anticipated completion dates, accounting for variables like weather delays.


    The Permit

    We'll either pull the necessary permits or guide you through the process. Rest assured, the costs are fixed, ensuring no surprise expenses.



    Equipped with new and meticulously maintained machinery, our crew will efficiently carry out the demolition, ensuring that your project remains on track.

    More Than Demolition

    At Junk Raider of Charlotte, NC, we provide more than demolition service. From valet trash service to traditional junk removal (including construction debris) and even hourly labor to assist with projects when you need extra hands to assemble, disassemble or transport items, we've got you covered.

    At Junk Raider, we're not just about demolition. We're also your go-to for:

    Bulk Item Junk Removal

    Got a couch or fridge that's taking up space? We'll handle it.

    Labor on Demand

    Need some extra hands for an event? We can help.

    Valet Trash Services

    Planning some serious changes? We can help tear things down so you can build anew.

    Responsible Disposal

    Choose Us for a Greener Tomorrow. We prioritize eco-friendly waste removal, ensuring responsible disposal and recycling practices. Join us in environmental stewardship.

    Hear From Our Customers

    Will Judd

    Great company. They were responsive from beginning to end and very transparent. I needed them to do A LOT of work and they did it without complaints and with fair pricing. Will definitely recommend!


    Chris Shultz

    I originally sent a request for a quote (after hours) through their website, to remove my old recliner and I promptly received a reply back early the next morning, along with a reasonable quote and times for the same day for the job. These guys were excellent in communicating via text and then a call when they got closer. The process was quick and efficient and I’d highly recommend their services to anyone needing to remove junk from their home, thanks again !


    Michael Odunne

    Picked up bagster because Waste Management would not drive their truck up my driveway after having done it 4 times previously. Can't say enough about this company. Answered phone on first ring. Had their quote in 10 minutes. Had bagster picked a couple hours later. Got update at every turn. Don't need to go anywhere else. These folks are masters at what they do. All staff extremely courteous and helpful. Keep up the great job. Your commitment to excellence really shows.



    I was recommended Junk Raider by my mom as she had used them twice previously. They called me in advance telling me approximately when they were going to arrive and sure enough they showed up right on time. Upon arrival I was greeted very friendly by TJ & James. I went over everything I had staged for them outside and very quickly they jumped to it and knocked everything out within 10 minutes. They were very professional & friendly and I HIGHLY recommend Junk Raider to anyone looking to remove any junk they need. Setting up an appointment is very easy & the crew was super efficient and friendly. Overall it was a great experience & I will continue to use them in the future! Thank you Junk Raider & TJ & James for the amazing work!


    Ann Guin

    Oh my goodness, Junk Raider was everything and more that I was looking for. I appreciated their expertise of removing items beneath my deck. I was not expecting the massive amount of junk items which I had. And James had to crawl to reach items deeply stored. Most of all the customer service they provide was excellent. I have provided before and after photos. Thank you Junk Raider! I will be contacting you for more junk removal.


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    Reach out today and experience the future of waste management.

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