Inside Junk Removal Services: Unusual Things People Toss

If you followed around a junk removal services company for a few days, you might find that a lot of the junk that’s getting tossed is rather unique and sometimes strange. So, we’re giving you a sneak peek into some of the most interesting items we’ve hauled off as junk.

We Take Most Stuff, Even If It’s Unusual

We’re committed to no hassle junk removal services, so if it’s something we take then we’re happy to do so. There are only a few items Junk Raider doesn’t accept.

Since launching the business, we’ve been able to serve lots of residential and commercial customers in Charlotte. We have been able to accommodate jobs big and small and along the way. Sometime, we’re been surprised by what we find. We are experienced in dealing with all types of infrastructure. You don’t have to move your belongings out of your space. We can pick-up from attics, basements, sheds, garages, and more.

Whatever you’ve deemed as junk can leave your space today. You don’t have to worry anymore about how you’re going to get rid of it. That’s the beauty of junk removal services—you don’t have to do anything but show us what needs to go.

We’ve focused a lot of our efforts on providing affordable pricing for junk removal services in Charlotte. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your area cleaned out. We offer transparent pricing that’s based on volume not time. We’ve found that’s fairer and provides a better value to our customers.

So What Unusual Items Have We Picked Up This Year?

The first most unusual junk removal was old military knives, which were part of a collection. The other most unusual items were an old ATM unit and boat dock. Those certainly aren’t things we see every day in junk removal services.

We’ll keep tracking some of the unusual items we remove and present a top 10 list at the end of the year.

Until then, would you like to know more about junk removal services? You can get a fast, free quote today. If you like it, we can typically do same day service. Get your quote now.

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