What We Don’t Take

  • What We Don’t Take

    While we take a lot of junk, we can’t take it all.

Our Standards for Local Junk Removal

At Junk Raider, we strive to meet our customer’s expectations and accommodate everything, within reason. When engaging in a local junk removal project, it’s imperative that customers understand that we can take it all.

While we specialize in household items, we can take almost anything in and around the house, as long as those items are non-hazardous and conform to our safety standards.

Here are some things we cannot accept in local junk removal:

  • Large volumes of loose trash: This refers to large quantities of trash not within a box or trash bag. Our crew cannot take this type of trash. If you have trash that needs to be removed, simply ensure it’s in a stable trash bag or box. If the current bags or boxes are brittle or heavily damaged, we cannot take them in that form.
  • Paint, Gasoline, and Other Chemicals: If you have full or partially-full paint cans, gas cans, or miscellaneous chemical containers, we cannot accept these items. We will, however, gladly take these containers if they’re empty.
  • Loose or heavily-soiled items on properties: While we do accept many exterior items, we cannot take heavily soiled medium to large quantities of items scattered throughout your property.
  • Large quantities of firewood or downed trees. We can accommodate small quantities of firewood or cut up trees, usually one to two loads, max.

If you need clarification on what we will and won’t take in local junk removal, simply call us to discuss or use the contact page.

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