Curbside Junk Pickup in Charlotte Available from Junk Raider

Junk Raider does more to make your life easier. With our convenient curbside junk pickup services, all you have to do is place your junk there. Then we come and get it. It’s really that easy. Don’t waste time hauling it away yourself or paying ridiculous fees.

Fall is a Great Time to Declutter

New seasons offer a time to renew and reflect. You can do that better without junk taking up your spaces. Think about what you could do with your rooms if you had less junk in them. Or maybe your basement, attic or garage is overflowing.

The great thing about curbside junk pickup is you don’t have to spend hours going through everything to make sure it is disposed of properly. All you have to do is get the junk to the curb, we do the rest.

The Hassle of Dealing with the City of Charlotte for Junk Pickup

You might think that because you have waste collection through the city that you can place any bulk items out, and they’ll take those to—not exactly.

First there is the definition of what the city considers to be bulk, “household furnishings, appliances, mattresses, box springs, lawn equipment and similar items too large to be placed in the garbage rollout cart and not eligible for recycling or yard waste collection are considered bulky items.”

A lot of your items might meet this description, however, some may not. There are a lot of things they will not take, mostly items that would be classified as building and construction debris. Automobile parts are also a no. Items can cannot be fire damaged either.

Even if your items do fit, you have to follow a lot of rules to follow:

  • Items have to be curbside by 6:30 am the day of collection, not the day or evening before. Putting them out before this time could result in a fine.
  • They must be within two feet of the curb and at least three feet way from other items or obstacles like mailboxes, phone polls, vehicles, etc.
  • You cannot block the sidewalk.
  • No flammable materials.
  • Appliances may require breaking down.

It’s unlikely that all your stuff fits into these rules and regulations. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your junk. You just need a junk removal company that can take whatever you have and dispose of it correctly.

Junk Pickup in Charlotte is Affordable and Easy

At Junk Raider, we offer a great service at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to pay high fees or negotiate with city or other pickup services to come get your junk. We charge by the volume of junk.

It’s easy to get a free quote or schedule a pickup. You can do so by calling or texting us at 704-802-5627. We can most likely schedule you for the same day or next day. All your junk can be cleared out in time to host your Labor Day BBQ or NFL opening day party.

Don’t wait one more day. Contact Junk Raider for curbside junk pickup.

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