• Demolition & Disposal

    Sheds, Decks, Carports & More – Gone!

Demolition Contractors in Charlotte, NC

Junk Raider provides full-service demolition work for residential and commercial businesses needs for the following projects:

  • Mobile Homes
  • Sheds & Outbuildings
  • Decks & Porches
  • Playhouses
  • Barns & Lean-To’s
  • Other Small Structures

Demolition jobs are typically performed with skid-steers and mini excavators, which minimizes the disruption to the area.

For demolition jobs where this equipment isn’t allowed, we can perform work by hand, although, the price will increase due to the amount of additional time involved.

Why Choose Our Demolition Services?

We Work Fast

We can typically complete small jobs within a day. Larger demolition jobs can take a few days to complete depending on job size and location. When you inquire with us about demolition services, we’ll be glad to provide you with a free consultation to include a rough timeline & cost.

We Save Money

There are many factors that go into determining what you should expect to pay for demolition services. Location of the structure and possibly the difficulty of accessing it, type of materials involved, size of the structure and whether there are items inside & more.

Regardless, we will provide the best price possible and will disclose every option available.


Demolition Pricing

The following are our minimum prices for these project types. Final price is based on size, complexity, materials used and needed to complete and more.

Mobile Home Demo
Starting at $5,000

Sheds & Outbuildings
Starting at $299

Decks & Porches
Starting at $299

Starting at $299

Barns & Lean-To’s
Starting at $299

Treehouses & more
Starting at $299

How it works

  • Text or Call

    You can text us pictures of the items you need removed and we’ll provide you an instant quote or call us to schedule an on-site visit.

  • Receive a quote

    Whether you text us pictures or we perform an onsite visit, we’ll provide you with an upfront quote – risk & pressure free!

  • Schedule an appointment

    Tell us the day/time you prefer and we’ll confirm via text when we’re on our way plus once we arrive and again when we’re finished.

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