• Valet Trash Service

    Your tenants will thank you!

How It Works

Junk Raider’s premium valet trash service is truly a cut above. All of our employees have been thoroughly screened to ensure the best team is entering your building or home and performing this service.

Step #1


We realize there are different collection dates and service times from one place to the next. We will work with you to ensure we provide collection services based on your convenience.

Keep in mind;

  • Trash bags must be tied and secure for collection.
  • No loose items are allowed.
  • Bags must be able to maintain their integrity during the collection.

Step #2


Each evening (typically) place the securely tied trash bag outside the front door during the designated time frame for pickup.

If there is more than one bag, simply place them on top of the trash can and we’ll pick it up as well.

Keep in mind, we do have to limit the amount of bags for each pickup to 2 bags due to space in our trucks.

Step #3


Once we’ve removed the trash, that’s it! You can go have some fun and not worry about hauling trash bags down the hall or driveway.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. (Lucky for you – we LOVE what we do!)  🙂

Corporate Discounts Available

We Take More Than Just Trash

We can remove appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, garage and attic items and just about anything else you need.

Once we’re done, we’ll take items of no-value to the recycle center and items of value, we’ll donate to local charities or families and individuals that are in need.

The price is based on volume, so be sure to ask for a quote and let’s get that junk out of there!

Who Is This Service For?

Apartments, Condos, Townhomes & Homeowners

Valet Trash is a premium service that isn’t conducive to everyone’s budget. This service should be looked at like professional lawn care vs DIY.

With our valet trash service, you no longer have to worry about taking your trash to the driveway or down the hall to the stinky dumpster (at night) and potentially feel unsafe in the process.

While this service is most common at apartments, condos and townhomes, more and more homeowners are taking advantage of this convenient service.

Pickup schedules are totally up to you. We can provide daily pickups, weekly or something customized for you.

Yes for businesses, no for homeowners.

Why do businesses have to sign a contract and what is the length of the agreement?

Simple. We “build” a crew dedicated to your building, as one team can typically only handle 2-4 buildings per month depending on unit size and job frequency. This means there’s a considerable investment of time and resources on our end to create this valuable resource. We have to cover our bases accordingly, no different than the rationale for tenants to have to sign long-term rental agreements vs month-to-month.

That all depends on the frequency of pickups, how much trash we’re removing each visit, and for multi-unit facilities, how many units are involved.

For most facilities with 100 units or more, pricing starts at $30 per month, per resident.

For homeowners, pricing starts at $50 per week or $200 per month. This provides weekly trash pickup, just like you’re used to. The difference is we do everything except walk into your home and bag the trash and put it in the container for you.

We can even provide service on-demand. That’s right. If your trash is overflowing and you need us to make a special trip for you, text or call us and we’ll be there the same or the next day at no extra charge. We can even take other household items, such as boxes, bags of old clothes, small pieces of furniture, and much more.

Again, this is a premium service that allows you to dispose of your household trash and bulky items easier than you can make coffee in the morning. (Heck, we’ll make your coffee as well….for the right price)  🙂

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