Pricing Explained

  • Pricing By The Truck Load

    We’ve assembled a pricing structure that doesn’t require upfront visits in order to receive an estimate.

We price in increments of 50 cubic square feet, starting at $85.

Why? Because that’s the size of the average pick-up truck bed.

This helps you to visualize how much stuff you have and how to estimate pricing.

For example; if you have a few small boxes, a dresser and a lamp, this would safely fit inside the bed of 1 truck bed, which means you’ll pay $85.

If you have lots of boxes, a couch and loveseat, several mattresses and a couple of appliances, that would require 4 truck beds, or 200 cubic square feet = $300.

Make sense?

  • Our mini dump truck holds 400 cubic feet of volume, which is the equivalent of 8 pick-up truck beds.

No matter how many loads you need, we can accommodate your project with ease.

We will beat any competitors written estimate

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