Additional Services: Junk Removal

  • Additional Services

    When you need more than Junk Removal, chances are, we can help.

Hands On-Demand

We understand that often times a junk removal job requires more than just hauling it away. You may need assistance with junk loading or unloading.

We can assist with junk loading and unloading at your storage unit, attic, garage or business. Whatever the case may be, chances are, we can help with just about anything you need – within reason.

Our team also helps you tackle breaking down boxes, shelves, storage sheds, furniture and more.

Check out our most common add-on services.

  • Disassembling

    Need help breaking down shelves, storage shed, furniture or boxes? Our rates are $50 per hour with a 1-hour minimum.

  • Loading & Unloading

    We can help you load or unload your storage unit, garage, attic, place of business or moving truck. Our rates are $50 per hour with a 1-hour minimum charge.

  • Clean-Up

    If you need help sweeping out your garage or storage unit or general cleanup around the house or yard, our rates are $50 per hour with a 1-hour minimum charge.

  • Select Moves

    We can help you with moving from one location to another within a 50-mile radius or moving items from one space to another.

    Our rates are

    • $50 per hour for 1 person with a 2-hour minimum
    • $75 per hour for a 2-person team with a 2-hour minimum
    • $100 per hour for a 3-person team with a 2-hour minimum
    • $125 per hour for a 4-person team with a 2-hour minimum

Text Us

This is the easiest way to receive your quote. All you have to do is take a picture (or pictures) of your unwanted items and text them to 704-594-1271. In most cases, we’ll respond within 60 seconds with your quote.

On-Site Evaluation

This is usually the best option when you have a large project or you’re finding it tough to visually estimate the job size. Whatever the case, our friendly team is happy to come to your address and provide with a free, no-obligation (and no pressure) estimate.

Call Us

If you’d like to speak to someone to better understand our process, pricing or just talk through your job, before making a decision, this is your best option. Call us at 704-594-1271 to get started.

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Not ready to text us your pictures but don’t need to speak to anyone? No problem. Check out our get appointment page, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within minutes.

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