junk collector

There’s no glitz and glamour in the life of a junk collector, but that’s okay. What we get in return is so much more. We’re giving our customers a chance to let go of their junk and start new.

Junky, trashy, grimy, gritty, and downright nasty – that’s the name of the game. Yes, we get dirty, and that’s not a problem. One of our crew members recently shared that after completing a job, he said to the clients, “It’s all worth it when you’re smiling at the end of the job, thanking us for how much relief we were able to provide you. At that point, all the ‘nastiness’ made our job THAT much sweeter when we could see how genuinely happy you were.”

Wow, we said. When we received a call from that customer, complimenting (once again) our crew and how awesome they were. They relayed the niceness of the guys on site, the courtesy, and the overall joy they took in not only completing the job but going above and beyond. It warmed our hearts.

Being a Junk Collector Isn’t a Thankless Job

We receive these phone calls OFTEN. That’s not to boast of how great we are, but it’s another chance that we have to give public praise to our crew members where praise is due. This job is not glamorous or prestigious, for most, but we’re reminded each time we get a call like that why we do what we do. And more importantly, the crew is reminded of how valuable they are to the community. We are truly providing a valuable service to the greater Charlotte area, and we wouldn’t change what we do even if we could.

Losing the Junk Offers New Opportunities

junk collector

Decluttering is a common goal of many. However, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. So many of us live busy lives, so things tend to pile up. We started this company to give our customers relief from these strains.

We also understand that the need to remove junk can also be something that needs to happen immediately. Our customers often face big needs and tight timelines, such as these scenarios.

  • “I flew in to help settle a family estate. We need to get rid of all these things by tomorrow! Please help!”
  • “My client just closed on a house recently, and the sellers are supposed to turn over the keys tomorrow, but they are refusing to clean up all of the “junk” in the backyard before vacating. We need help!”
  • “We’ve put all of these bulky furniture items on the curb, but it’s been two weeks, and the city just won’t take them! We can’t stand this mess and need it gone ASAP. Our neighbors are giving us awkward stares as we go for our evening walk. Please help!”
  • The list goes on in terms of what “types” of calls we receive. You name it, we’ve heard it.

Dedicated to Being Your Lifeline for Junk Removal

We are dedicated to continuing to be able to provide same day and next day junk removal services whenever possible. This allows us to meet tight deadlines and be ready to service your needs. There’s really nothing more reassuring then making that call, and knowing those on the other end can take care of you. Leave the junk to us while you enjoy life.

So, whenever you get down about the clutter that seems so intimidating, don’t fret, we’ve got you! We also realize that our environment has changed. Many of us are stuck at home with our clutter and suddenly have time to wade through our stuff. Rest assured, we are still operating and ready to help.

Call us today to schedule your appointment or book online. We look forward to seeing you, onsite!